In 1995, the Etnas and Boba companies took the initiative and adapted a former small thruster-driven towboat, operated in a gravel-pit earlier (the boat was imported from Russia where it was used to transport timber on rivers), to transport 20 persons. The boat was called BOBRA and it opened the navigation season in Uherské Hradiště (Staré Město) in 1995. During its first trip it also arrived at the canal, but then it was operated only on the river in Uherské Hradiště – its heavy engine was not appropriate to the navigation on a small canal, and it produced big waves. The companies tried to offer cruises to groups, but it turned out that it was very complicated to get a sufficient number of successive groups to reach financially effective cruises for affordable prices.

The operators of the boat arranged with the representatives of the city of Veselí nad Moravou (a participant in the EU INWARD I project)an autumn presentation of boats in this town. According to English model, the City Museum prepared a small exhibition about the Baťa Canal with a follow-up cruise aboardBobra to Uherský Ostroh and back. An unusual view of the neighbouring city from the water surface was surprizing even for local inhabitants. The expenses were paid by the EU project. The event enjoyed good weather, and 1750 persons were taken for a cruise within one week. Low water level allowed the boat to anchor close to the Museum. The stay of the boat was used to produce a promotion videotape, funded by the same project.


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