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...and the first ideas to renew the navigation canal

The year 1989 was a year of the Velvet Revolution.

A year of essential changes in the political situation in the then Czechoslovakia. It was also a period when projects, which would not have had any chance to be realized in the Socialist regime, were taken out from many drawers.

One of the projects, which was brushed up and which is almost one hundred years old, was the project of a large navigable (for freight ships) Danube-Oder-Elbe-Canal. Or it is enough, for the beginning, to repair just one old shipping canal from the 1930s, which is 53 km long and whose capacity is sufficient for a 150-ton freight boat? The canal addressed herein is the Otrokovice - Rohatec canal, commonly called the “Baťa Canal”. Its condition, however, was dismal in 1989 and the repair would be very costly. Who will pay for it? And will there ever be anybody who will be ready to use this waterway?

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