The tippler in Sudoměřice finished

On 20 June 1938, the tippler in Sudoměřice was finished.

The equipment was used to transfer lignite which was brought by the railway from the nearby TOMÁŠ mine in Ratíškovice.

The waggons loaded with lignite were drawn into a tippler room by a rope winch. In this room, there is a sophisticated cradle with a chute. The cradle including rail and loaded waggon was lifted by a rope pulley tackle.

Then the dusty lignite was poured out through the waggon front side to the prepared boat.

The boats then were floated on the Bata Canal to the power plant in Otrokovice.


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In summer 1939 the river was enlivened by another attraction

On 13 August regular cruises aboard the Mojena ship started.

Up to 35 passengers could enjoy, with music accompaniment, the beautiful nature in southern Moravia, and they also were offered some snacks.

This date is considered to be the start of tourism on the Bata Canal.


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On 7 and 8 November, Bata´s boats were examined under the supervision of Eng. Eduard Pekárek, an examiner of the Navigation Directorate.

He inspected 11 freight boats and on one of them (all the boats were identical) he carried out a trial journey. He stated that the boat corresponded to river conditions, and it could be controlled well.

The inspection of the Mojena passenger motor ship was successful as well.

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